CO2RE laser removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method to help reduce age spots, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, and thinned collagen of the face, neck, and chest.

The CO2RE, by Syneron-Candela, is a Carbon Dioxide (C02) Fractional Laser Resurfacing device that removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method whereby columns of skin are removed, leaving the skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing to help reduce “age-spots” (also called sun spots, freckles, or liver spots), fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull tone, and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and/or chest.

How do I prepare for a CO2RE treatment?

CO2RE is an in-office procedure. Clients are are recommended to schedule for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rachel prior to booking their appointment so she may advise how to best prepare. Clients will place a deposit for the treatment and pick up an Alastin Procedure Enhancement Kit to begin pre-treatment. Clients have indicated that pre-treatment with Alastin Skin Nectar greatly reduced post-procedure redness and discomfort and aided in the healing process. 

What can I expect?

Discomfort varies on the depth of the treatment. For your comfort during the treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream. After the treatment most patients describe the post-procedure feeling as a bad sunburn for about 12 hours to 2 days. Dr. Rachel may prescribe pain medication if necessary. Please follow physician instructions carefully. It is also recommended that you have someone drive you home after the treament.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically only one treatment with C02RE is recommended. Occasionally, in an area that cannot be treated aggressively, we may need to do more than one treatment to optimize results.   Maintenance treatments may also be necessary to maintain results, especially if sun is not avoided or proper skin care used. Occasionally, even with the best care, another treatment may be necessary in a few years (in the area around the eyes, it may only be 1-2 years).   

What is the downtime?

CO2RE is the best treatment if you wish to get the most results with one treatment.  If you have the ability to take some time to heal (5-7 days), having this one treatment is like having multiple other non-invasive treatments at once.  It is also the best single treatment for advanced skin damage and wrinkling.

Who is a candidate for a CO2RE treatment?

Anyone who has sun damaged, aging skin, irregularly pigmented skin, wrinkles, sagging, irregular texture of the skin or other skin condition that could be expected to be improved with this treatment that understands the risks, costs and time necessary to achieve the full benefit of the procedure and who has realistic expectations of the ultimate outcome. 

Those with skin of color are encouraged to consult with Dr. Rachel prior to considering a treatment. 

Women who are pregnant are advised against the CO2RE treatment. Also advised against the CO2RE are clients who have been on Accutane within 6 months. In addition, if there are any conditions resulting in delayed or abnormal healing or a history of cold sores or herpes virus it is important to tell your physician at the pre-treatment stage to prevent complications.

What benefits can I expect?

The skin will continue to improve for a period of 6 months following the procedure provided proper skincare is used and sun exposure is minimized. Sometimes the results are not significant until the 6th and even the 9th month, depending on the person's age, their aftercare routine, and their history of smoking.

What are the risks and side effects?

The main negative of the CO2RE treatment is the downtime.  Depending on the area and the aggressiveness of the treatment, it will take 5 to 7 days for the skin to heal.  This downtime will include significant redness, crusting (possibly minor bleeding and oozing depending on treatment depth), dryness, peeling, and flaking (it is important to keep the skin moist after treatment). This does mean that social and work activities will have to be considered during this time. Other potential side effects may include but are not limited to: skin wound, infection and scarring, hypo and hyper-pigmentation.

Prior to treatment all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider.

How will I look and feel after the treatment?

After the treatment, we advise you go home to rest for 12-24 hours. After the first day your skin will be raw and you will follow the instructions as to how to keep it healing maximally. We will schedule a follow-up appointment within the first week to ensure you are healing properly. By one week post-treatment you can usually apply makeup and return to normal daily activities, however your skin will still be pink and will be very sensitive for the better part of 1-3 months.  It is most important to follow the instructions given to you by your provider. A strict skincare regimen and sun avoidance is recommended for best healing and optimal results for a period of 6 months following treatment. Failure to do so may result in sub-optimal results or side effects such as listed above.

Your skin will continue to age as time goes on due to sun exposure, environmental stress, overall health and lifestyle choices such as smoking. To maintain your results we recommend a healthy skincare routine including cosmeceutical products, medical grade facials, and other procedures as directed by your provider.

Is there another way to get the same effect?

Alternatives to the CO2RE Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment include IPL (intense pulsed light), Fraxel laser, E3 (Ematrix with Sublime and IPL) or other brands of C02 Laser resurfacing. Typically, there are no other treatments that can give you as much of an overall effect with only one treatment. You would have to combine the above with fillers or tissue tightening devices to achieve similar effects.

Can this be combined with other treatments?

CO2RE can be combined with other treatments although we cannot do other treatments in the same area(s) treated on the same day. Many choose to have wrinkle relaxers such as BOTOX Cosmetic to reduce unwanted wrinkles caused by muscle contraction in addition to having Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm to plump and fill areas where volume has been lost such as the cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower eyelids, and lips. We may recommend botulinum toxin 2 weeks prior to the treatment as studies have shown that this may enhance the effect on wrinkles caused by movement, but we typically wait one month before or after doing fillers.


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CO2RE Clinical Results

  • CO2RE Before and After

    This actual client of Dr. Rachel's saw a significant improvement with the CO2RE to reveal a glowing complexion. 

  • CO2RE Recovery Progression

    Actual client of Dr. Rachel's for CO2RE. First photo depicts 1-day post CO2 for acne scarring. Second photo depicts 7-days post-CO2.